National Association of Food Distribution

Programs on Indian Reservations



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President- Joe Van Alstine-MW Region   
Chair-Mary Greene-Trottier-MP Region
Jaime Prouty-SW Region
Jenelle Gimlin-W Region
Gregory Nothstine-W Region
Peter Seahmer-SW Region
Tara Gibson– SW Region


President  Joe Van Alstine-MW Region
Chair Fi Davis– SW Region
Red Gates,-MP Region
Jenelle Gimlin,-W Region
Michael Pierre– MP Region
Kim Watson– SE Region


President  Joe Van Alstine-MW Region
Chair Roxanna Newsom-SW Region
Jaime Prouty-SW Region
Mary Greene-Trottier,-MP Region
Tara Gibson – SW Region
Charles “Red” Gates – MP Region
Susie Roy-MW Region
Gloria Goodwin– MW Region
Ella Sands-SW Region
Jenelle Gimlin-W Region
Marilyn Mayfield – SW Region
Tiffany Welch– SW Region
Ray Capoeman– W Region
Benita Lewis– W Region


Food Package Review Work Group:

FY 2011-2013
Roxanna Newson– NAFDPIR President
Jaime Prouty- Nolan– NAFDPIR Treasurer
Gregory Nothstine– NAFDPIR Parliamentarian
Florence Calabaza– NAFDPIR Secretary
Susie Roy– MW Region Representative
Betty Jo Graveen– MW Region Representative
Mary Greene- Trottier– MP Region Representative
Charles “Red” Gates– MP Region Representative
Lucy Atteberry– MP Region Representative
Tod Robertson– SW Region Representative
Connie Martinez– SW Region Representative
Sharon Wheeler, RD, LD- SW Region Representative
Jenelle Gimlin– W Region Representative
Lorraine Davis– W Region Representative
Desiree Bergeron– W Region Representative
Sara Hernandez– USDA Agriculture Marketing Service
Lena Milton– USDA Farm Service Agency
Laura Walter, MPH, RD- USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Stephanie Cooks, MA, RD- USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Patti Schock– USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Melissa Baker– FNS Western Regional Staff Support
Kathy Sweitzer– FNS Mountain Plains Regional Staff Support
Lou Hankins– FNS Southwest Regional Staff Support
Samia Hamdan– FNS Midwest Regional Staff Support